What are the benefits of mobile web?

  • It can enable access to information, any time and anywhere there is cell phone coverage. By freeing information from the restrictions of a desk or search for a nearby WiFi hotspot, people can quickly retrieve and exchange information.
  • It provides vast connectivity. One-third of humankind currently has access to the Internet through a mobile device. This number is twice as many as the number of Internet-connected personal computers (PCs).
  • It enables services to take advantage of mobile device capabilities such as clicking on a phone number to call it or add it to the device address book.
  • It can provide location-sensitive content. Location technologies can enable location-sensitive information be provided to a user. This can reduce the steps required for the user to reach useful content, and so makes it accessible with the least amount of effort

Why is a Mobile App better than browsing the Mobile Web?

  • It’s much faster. It takes a second to launch a Mobile App. It can take up to several minutes for a Mobile Web site to load in an area with bad reception.

What is the difference between Mobile app and Mobile web?

  • Mobile Apps: Function offline
  • Mobile Web Sites: Don’t
  • Mobile Apps: Enable Push Notifications for Direct Contact with Customers
  • Mobile Web Sites: Don’t
  • Mobile Apps: Always visible on your phone’s home screen
  • Mobile Web Sites: Not always visible
  • Mobile Apps: Appear in the Apps Stores
  • Mobile Web Sites: Don’t

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