While our projects list is increasing daily, here are some of our recently completed projects:

DiscountHunt App – Discount based search on products:

This app lists all discounted products from popular e-commerce sites. Select discount from the range 10% – 90%. Select the product category. App will search and display the discounted products, in your chosen category. DiscountHunt will help you get the best deals.

Android: DiscountHunt App

iPhone: DiscountHunt App

One Touch Share App:

This app will help people who are active on various social media sites but don’t want to post their photos separately. When you access this app, select a photo or a video, select social networks and click submit. That’s it. Alternatively, click your photo or record your videos from within the app and submit. It’ll upload your clicked photos or recorded videos to all major social media sites

The Share app saves massive amount of time with its single iteration of photos sharing to all major social media sites.

Android: One Touch Share App

iPhone: One Touch Share App

Flappy Smasher:

This is a clone of flappy bird game and is built using objective C++ and cocos2dx.

  • Add “N” number of flappy birds instead of single bird and make them fly without the users control
  • Birds will die only if they are smashed by the pipes
  • We have to make more modifications to see that the birds don’t die on collision with another birds or any other environment (side of the pipes or the rocks etc)
  • In flappy birds game, on user tap, the bird fly. We have to change so that when user tap, pipes move up and down to smash the birds
  • The number of birds spawning keep increasing as time goes by, thus making it tough for user to clear the level


MSEB, India

This app is built for the people of Maharashtra, who has this problem that their electricity bills don’t come on time. With this app, not only will they see their electricity bill details like Units consumed, last date to pay, bill amount ..etc. but can set a reminder as well to avoid last minutes rush and long queues. Below is the link:

Android: MSEB – Electricity Bill

KrHome, Italy

KrHome is a real estate company that deals in Luxurious apartments, Villas,  Buildings and have presence in various countries like France, Germany, Spain ..etc. MobDevApp created elegant design for their iPhone/iPad app which not only showcase their properties but also have multi-lingual support. Here is the link to that app:


Raso Vai is an Ayurvedic resort that bring ancient Ayurvedic science towards health and well being of the modern man. Their main work is to provide Training’s, conducting Courses, Workshops, Consultation, offering Treatments and Panchakarma. MobDevApp created their app for Android. Below is the link:

Android: Rasovai Ayurvedic Resort

iPhone: Rasovai Ayurvedic Resort