Application development

The amazing world of application software or simply ‘apps’ as they are referred to; has propelled the growth of SmartPhones all across the globe, taking it to today’s frenzied height. These applications have managed to integrate the web world with the mobile platform. And the result is there for all of us to see: today, we can do almost everything on a small handheld SmartPhone that previously required a PC or a laptop. No wonder then that mobile apps rank very high on the download list of mobile users globally.

Mobile apps help you achieve much more from your phone than you ever imagined. Be it reading documents, editing them, creating documents, setting up email alerts, chatting with friends on different social media sites, accessing latest news, keeping track of near and dear ones, or setting up reminders; mobile apps can do all of these and much more. We at MobDevApp (MDA) create some of world’s best apps for the mobile platform. Not only mobile apps; but we also make applications for the web that have the right mix of aesthetic design and usability.

How it helps businesses
Mobile applications are the in-thing for most new-age businesses. Most websites are getting ready for the huge audience that accesses web on their mobile devices by creating mobile versions of their websites and providing a host of apps to cater to the needs of the end-user. Mobile Application development provides a great opportunity to the web-based businesses, retailers, and consumer brands to effectively engage more and more people. Businesses can enhance their consumer base and their brand reputation in a very cost-effective way by smartly utilizing the power of mobile apps.

Mobile App Development
We have exceptionally talented team of developers, designers and people who understand the amazing connection between technology and business. And our mobile app development team works on some of the latest technology platforms and with the latest tools to develop all kinds of mobile apps and web-based apps. Whatever be your need; be it a mobile messaging app or an app for communicating over social media, mobile browser app, location based tool, multimedia application, utility app, or any other productivity application – we do all, making sure that our mobile app solutions are customized to meet your specific business needs. We also can develop a productivity suite for your organization that will allow you and your team to seamlessly collaborate, work efficiently, and attend to tasks from almost any device, thus saving your organization time, effort, and money.

The mobile app development team is comfortable with designing applications and productivity tools for almost every mobile platform including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. The team is also at ease when it comes to developing web-based tools and applications; especially such apps that have the flexibility of being accepted in any technological environment. We comply with all accepted international web standards and globally accepted best practices while developing software applications and tools. The technologically advanced world of today has raised newer data safety issues, threats of viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. We follow the International standards of Google that lay extra stress on ensuring safe and secure development of applications.

Our Promise…Our Commitment
As with all our software and IT related solutions, aesthetic designing plays a critical role when it comes to developing mobile apps or web-based apps. We aim to please our customers/clients and we do so by creating the best apps for them. So, if you are looking for a mobile application or a web-based app that not only serve the function that it is meant to, but is extremely easy to use, has attractive layouts and exudes a classy feel, then you just need to get in touch with us and we will do the rest.

Write in to us with your requirements, queries or with your views on the exciting world of mobile applications. We are always happy to hear from you.