Every project has unique set of considerations depending upon the business objective, the scale, the tools of implementation, and other requirements. We understand that no two projects can have exactly the same solution. In today’s business scenario where many of the requirements related to the project are ad-hoc, customization and the ability to adjust to changes in the project during the implementation phase are the keys to success. However, no project can be successful without a proper plan and a team that can implement the plan with precision. We have the experience along with the right approach and attitude that allows it to manage project criticalities with ease. Every care is taken to ensure that a project runs on its course smoothly and the deliverables or the solution is delivered within time and to the satisfaction of you – our client/customer. And the way we do it is by conducting a thorough study of a project even before it has begun.

Once you send in your specific set of requirements for a project; we will conduct a detailed study of the project requirements and accordingly send you a proposal document, which can also be called as “Statement of Work”. Our proposal document will outline every detail of the proposed project plan – right from the project overview, project objective, processes, scope, deliverables, team, quality control, assumptions and constraints, to risk analysis, control mechanism and pricing for the project. Here’s a brief of the project proposal document that you will receive from us after the project requirements are established:

Section A:

Defining the Project (the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of the project)

1. Project Overview
The project overview will mention the project title. It will discuss the background of the project and the required area of research (if any). The project overview will also discuss the business goal of the client/customer as given and accordingly frame the purpose of the project.

2. Project Objectives
Here, the project objective or set of objectives will be identified and outlined on the basis of the purpose of the project. Here, we will also identify the ways or the basis of measuring the achievement of the objectives.

3. Project Scope
This sub-section covers the scope of work for the project; a detailed work statement will be provided. In addition to the scope of work, we will also outline the constraints & assumptions for the project along with the exclusions from the scope of work. This sub-section will also have a mention of the date of completion for the project.

Section B:

Project Implementation (the ‘How’ and ‘When’ of the project)

1. Project Plan
Here, we will present an outline about the proposed project plan along with the project timelines. We will also set up project milestones.

2. Human Resource Planning
Here, the roles and the responsibility for the project will be discussed. A brief about the team that will work on the project will also be given to the client/customer.

3. Project Control/Management
This sub-section will mention the monitoring and control mechanisms for the project. It will also establish the reporting structure and the proposed communication channels for the successful implementation of the project. Other coordination and schedule details will also be mentioned.

4. Deliverables and quality control
A detailed account of all the project solutions that we will be providing along with an explanation of all the tasks we will accomplish will be mentioned here. We will also outline the timelines for the deliverables. We will also explain the methods we will use for ensuring quality control at all stages of the project and eventually in the solutions/deliverables.

Section C:

Cost of the Project

1. Pricing/Budgeting of the project
Here, we will outline the costs associated with the project. A detailed description of the cost factors will be provided. We will be stating our price for the project along with payment method options. This sub-section will also include the important payment terms & conditions.

Call us or write in to us, with your business goals, or set of requirements or tasks that you want solution for; we will get back to you with a detailed proposal document for you.