Schematic Design

The entire world has shifted to the virtual domain. And as if the offline market wasn’t enough, the online segment is buzzing with competition and the struggle to capture the customer’s attention. More often than not, people do not realize that visitors spend no more than 10 seconds on a page, if it does not appeal to their eyes.

That explains the mad rush of people trying to “beautify” their apps, or make it more “information oriented”, or “technically sound”- but not aesthetically stable.

Aesthetics is commonly known as the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. It deals with notions such as the pretty, the ugly, the humorous, dull, etc. Aesthetic judgments can either be culturally conditioned, or linked to emotions, and at least partly intellectual and interpretative. They could be as abstract as our imagination sometimes. Thus, there can be no scale or metric to measure aesthetics. But it has been identified that users make judgments of the visual appearance of a website very quickly and those judgments are very consistent over time.

Research shows that all you really have is less than five seconds to capture the interest of your potential customer online. Through the halo effect, first impressions can influence subsequent judgments of website credibility, and buying decisions of the potential customer. Which mean, if the site aesthetics are messed up, doom is near.

Simply put, aesthetics involve judgments of sentiment and taste that enhance communication of information in a more appealing manner. An aesthetically stable design not only enhances the appeal but makes it more easier to send across the intended message.

This rings like a wake up call telling us that with time and technology, we have to adapt, be adept and adopt a new attitude about our site/app’s aesthetics – the look and feel, the impression, the colors, the visual appeal, the typography, the font, the graphics, the intellect stimulating factor, the engaging factor, the scale and balance of the text and the art – all this whilst keeping in mind the target demographic and the market appeal.

All this while keeping the technological aspects at par. Just creating a visually appealing or a highly aesthetic app isn’t enough. It has to be coded better to load faster. It has to have crisp information that pertains to the need of the visitor. The information should be delivered in the most apt tone so as to not misguide a potential customer.

Clean coding and detailed development form, laying equal or more importance to the finer points of design and even the web browser, play an extremely important part of classy aesthetics, offering a pleasant experience to the visitor.

All the above put together seamlessly reflect the values of the company, delivering a classic aesthetic appeal.

This is where we help you stand out, and get noticed. We integrate your objectives with novel designs and aesthetic elements to achieve a desirable web/mobile app  atmosphere that will effectively communicate ideas and information to your target demographics and market.

You have to try it to believe it. Write to us, or call us for your mobile app requirements to get results that are classy and something that you can proudly show-off to the entire world.